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What next?

Having worked so hard on getting the new album Discovery out, there is a bit of a lull in activity in my house. I am enjoying golf and doing a bit of writing. Hilary and I have been walking and riding our bikes out around Bournemouth area. We are discovering some special places - beaches, woodland walks, country lanes and picturesque villages. One of our favourite places is by the river Stour and we are excited to get our Kayak so we can actually get on the water soon.

Did one video this week - The Silver Lining. That was about 8 hours work to do the video alone. Slightly frustrating that the average view time is just 2.5 minutes of the video but there is just so much out there to view.

We are planning to do an Afternoon Tea live again on Sunday 14th June. This will probably be on YouTube as before so make sure you follow the links on the webs tite and sign up to my channel.

Decided to order more copies of Sailing Solo in CD format , but without the song I didn't write on it. Just 250 ordered and I redid the art work too (having noted the mistakes in the original). So if anyone doesn't have Sailing Solo they can order it soon. I listened the other day and decided that there were songs on that album which would still entertain and encourage people, hence taking on that project.

Broadband gets installed next week and I am hoping that will make a big difference to our internet speed. That will perhaps open up doors to do some live performances and reach out to more people. But no idea when cruising will start again. I may need to do something else to bring some income in at some point. What Next?

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