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I asked several friends in the entertainment business, and a couple of Saga Guests to review my new album Discovery and provide me with some quotable sound bites. This is what they said : -

"If ever there was a benefit to Lockdown it’s that it has given Stuart the time and opportunity to write and perform some really stunning music. His new album is testament to his truly remarkable talent. Captivating music, thoughtful lyrics and as ever evidence of a very talented musician."

Kevin Woodford : Celebrity Chef, TV presenter & Saga Guest Speaker

"Stuart Anderson is a gentleman and first class live performer who always thinks about his audience. In this very special album Stuart turns the tables, using his talent to make us, his audience think.

Through a selection of songs that range from melodic ballads to toe tapping, head swaying numbers, each offer lyrics that not only draw on Stuart's life experiences but also reflect our own. An album that will trigger recollections of life; from tender moments to those that will make you smile."

John Parton : Cruise Director

The long awaited sequel to 'Sailing Solo', Discovery showcases Stuart's varied ability. Collaborating with other musicians and vocalists gives a new dimension to this collection. From the quirky 'A Happy Song' to the Irish influenced 'The Rehearsal', Stuart's life philosophy shines through. My personal favourite on the CD? The piano instrumental "The Journey' - loved it! "

Hazel Griffiths : Port lecturer/guest speaker

This album has something for everyone. Standout songs on the album include ‘A Happy Song' and 'Blending Voices' featuring stunning vocals from Laura Adams and Maria Lyn. Just two of the tracks on the album that capture the pure joy music brings.

In contrast “ The Silver Lining' hits hard with a moving message about dealing with isolation and loneliness. It is dedicated to The Silver Line Charity, which will benefit from £2 of every CD sold. 'Working hard for Ruby' is a great song with an edgier sound to bop along too, adding just a little Rock n Roll.

Another notable mention is the title track 'Discovery' with beautiful lyrics and melody and the instrumental track 'The Journey' which takes you wherever you want to go. Discovery is a great album that sums up the highs and lows of life in a beautiful melodic way.

Michelle Dunne : Saga Cruise Director

"Congratulations to Stuart Anderson on his self-produced, fourteen-track album, 'Discovery'. The songs are melodically satisfying, and demonstrate Stuart’s depth of musical influences. It’s clear that his talent is rooted in years as a professional musician and entertainer. Various guest performers also contribute to the excellent musicianship throughout.

There are good instincts here, for what both appeals to the ear – in the sense of feeling a song sounds familiar – and is original and interesting enough bring listeners along for an enjoyable, easy-listening, ride."

Jaylene Johnson : Singer, Songwriter, Performer

The multi-talented Stuart Anderson has done it again! His new album is both beautiful and brilliant. The lyrics are full of meaning, Stuart isn't afraid to share what's on his heart. Some songs are uplifting, other songs are vulnerable. The musical arrangement is glorious all the way through. Picking a favourite track is impossible, there are just too many good ones, and Stuart even graciously allows his creative colleagues to share the stage. The verdict - give it a listen. You won't be disappointed!

Steve Price : Magician, Comedian and Entertainer

Stuart is an amazingly versatile and resourceful one-man band whose immense repertoire covers numerous genres and styles. In this superb collection of his own songs Stuart's song writing and arranging reflect the wide range of his influences. He is joined on some tracks by guest musicians chosen from the many friends he has made working as a cruise-ship entertainer. If you've seen Stuart perform live this is a great album to remind you of happy days on the cruise ships; if you haven't seen or heard him before then this album is a fine introduction to the man and his music.

Rob Taylor : Musical Director

Stuart I have to say that both Lynda and I have been super impressed with this new album, some real lovely songs, vocals and music. Lynda reckons you sound very much like Robby Williams!!

Congratulations on producing a super album, with some really wonderful tracks. Really well written lyrics, that are sung with real feeling that is backed up with great musical talent. I particularly liked Oxygen, which is followed by the bouncy ‘Working Hard for Ruby’ and Stuart both Lynda and I absolutely fell into the wonderful mood of your piano playing of ’The Journey’, quite emotional, a truly great piece of music!

Danny Lloyd : Music appreciater and Saga Guest

"DISCOVERY is an excellent album. Tastefully written, with sensitively performed vocals it is entirely produced by Stuart Anderson. It also has additional highlights, including saxophone, electric violin and flute. The sound quality on my audio system is clear and well balanced. It is a real pleasure to listen to this, sometimes quite moving, CD. If you have not listened to Stuart's music before, this is a good selection of tracks to start the journey. Highly recommended. Five stars."

Colin Milner-Walker. Musician, guitar maker and one of many Saga fans

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