• Stuart Anderson

Confessions of a Cruise Ship Entertainer ...

… is the working title of my autobiography. Chapter 1 is called 'A Preachers Kid'.

What autobiography you ask? Good question. I haven't written it yet and up to 3 days ago had absolutely no intention of ever doing so. But for some reason I woke up with lines going round in my head of the first few lines. So I got out of bed, sat at my lap top and typed for 2 and half hours.

Not sure quite what to do with it so I have at this moment in time decided to publish chapter one on my web site. I reserve the right to edit, recall or remove it at any time. If anyone is interested enough to actually read it please let me know whether or not there should be a second chapter.

Here it is in PDF format for you to download and read. Please bear in mind it is only the second draft so please let me know if you spot any spelling or grammatical errors.

Chapter 01
Download PDF • 358KB

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